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Augmentin is available as 125 250 mg 5ml, 150 ml bottles of suspension which costs 53 for the 250 mg 5ml bottle; available as 250 500 mg tablets and 250 and 400 mg chewable tablets; 500 mg tabs cost 82 30; also available as augmentin xr, extended release, which has less clavulanic cid and causes less diarrhea .

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25,527 people reported to have side effects when taking augmentin.

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augmentin medication is supplied in the following forms regular tablets; chewing pills; extended-release tablet, oral suspension.

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i don t know how old your baby is, but i mix one packet into my baby s teaspoon of augmentin in the morning and evening.

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i was given clindamycin along with augmentin 3 pills a day for 10 days due to an infected abcess i had lanced and drained from my finger.

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bilayer scored tablet, debossed with augmentin xr, contains amoxicillin.


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