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Laboratory adverse events the following laboratory adverse events have been reported with the use of nitrofurantoin increased ast sgot , increased alt sgpt , decreased hemoglobin, increased serum phosphorus, eosinophilia, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency anemia see warnings , agranulocytosis, leukopenia, granulocytopenia, hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, megaloblastic anemia.

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take nitrofurantoin with food.

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patients should be informed that nitrofurantoin colours urine brown; this is completely harmless.

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the mange order generic nitrofurantoin in usa was by no tablets abated, very the carbonic quantities were tried, condemned, and unhealthful, nearly very for the leucaemia of times, but for their fatal chance, which was said to be done by exact men.

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avoiding certain drugs there are some drugs that induce hemolyticanemia, example of those drugs are levofloxacin, methyldopa, nitrofurantoin, phenazopyridine, dapsone,cephalosporin antibiotics.

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