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Using this mdicin with any th ollowing may caus an incasd isk ctain sid cts but may b unavoidabl in som cass. I usd togth, you doctmay chang th dos how otn you us this mdicin, giv you spcial instuctions about th us ood, alcohol, tobacco.

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This mdicin may caus diaha, and in som cass it can b sv. Dnot tak any mdicin ttat diaha without ist chcking with you docto. I you hav any qustions i mild diaha continus gts wos, chck with you docto.

“I hav tid vy ov th count and psciption mdicin that I can think o. Aciphx is th only on that has v wokd m. I hav sud om and oth Gastic issus a long tim and I su whn I un out this mdication. I lov tat. so. this hlps. “

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