Salespitch Suggestions &#65279 ;  What’s Training N?   It is a project based evaluation done inside your Year of the Junior Cert Technology program. You can generate as much as  25% of the junior research mark  by doing 2 investigations before you sit the quiz. We’re given a choice of three games one from each area of technology (Chemistry, Biology and Physics) and we decide two.   2016 #65279  & Training B Inspections; Investigate and assess the quantitative effects of modifying (a) the period of sunshine physical exercise and (n) some time elapsed because the workout ended around the pulse rate of the person. Examine and compare the quantitative ramifications of modifying (a) the rhubarb surface area and (w) the temp of solution around the price of response (calculated by writing period for decolorisation of solution) between the oxalic acid in rhubarb and dilute potassium permanganate solution (acidified with sulfuric acid) Examine and review the quantitative effects of transforming (a) the pendulum size and (w) the bulk of the pendulum bob around the interval (occasion of oscillation) of the simple pendulum oscillating by way of a small-angle. Useful Sources

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