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You must have strict and regular blood tests while taking clozaril.

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missed doses and re-initiating treatment inform patients and caregivers that if the patient misses taking clozaril for more than 2 days, they should not restart his or her medication at the same dosage but should contact their physician for dosing instructions.

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these problems may happen more often when you are first starting treatment with clozaril or when your dose is increased.

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you have to do a cost-benefit analysis to decide if the risk of side effects outweighs the benefit of taking the drug, or if taking the clozaril is worth the risk of death.

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one mother whose 11-year-old son was cycling wildly throughout the day despite his being on clozaril and zyprexa wrote of her son s experience with trileptal at about three weeks, as his dose was 900 mg, we began to see the amplitude of his mood swings diminish.

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